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Herbal tea

Herbal teas typically consist of herbs infused with boiling water. They are a great way to introduce herbs to your body cheaply and effectively. The custom of drinking herbal tea originates in China, dating back at least two thousand years. It was believed that certain herbal teas provided health benefits, depending upon the type of herb used.

For example; Rose hips, Nettles and Dandelions have been reported to contain high antioxidant properties (link), abundant vitamins and minerals (link) and high nutrient content (link) respectively.

Below is a list of herbal teas people are likely to be familiar with and may wish to try:

Ginger and lemon tea
Great for warming the circulation, aiding weight loss and digestive fire. Slice fresh ginger and lemon, steep in hot water and sip.

This is calming for the digestion and is great after a meal. It is also calming for the mind. To add even more calming qualities to this tea you can add some lavender flowers. Steep either dried or fresh leaves in hot water and allow to infuse.

One of nature’s favourites for the nervous system. You can use either dried or fresh flowers, steeped in hot water and sipped. For a beautiful night time drink to aid great sleep even further you can add lemon balm leaves.