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Deep Breathing

Most people never think about how important breathing is and most of us don’t know how to breathe properly. Many of us take shallow breaths instead of breathing deeply. So regularly throughout your day, stop what you are doing and breathe. Deeply and fully, feel where your tension is held and, as you exhale completely, imagine letting go of all your worries. It’s easy to do anytime and anywhere and you will notice the difference.

{Viv’s “Simple Breathing” audio clip}

For those seeking a little more guidance, here are some techniques you may wish to use:

Deep breathing (link). 15 Minute Deep Breathing Exercise | City of Hope - YouTube

Diaphragmatic breathing (link).Diaphragmatic Breathing | UCLA Integrative Digestive Health and Wellness Program - YouTube

Soothing rhythm breathing (link)20. Soothing Rhythm Breathing (Dr Helen Courtney) - YouTube

Box Breathing Technique (link).Deep Breathing - The People’s Health Alliance (

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Claire Peacock
Claire Peacock
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