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Home Environment

Home is the environment in which people spend most of their time. It is important that homes remain clean, tidy places. This will reduce health hazards (arising from conditions such as damp and mould) and stress related issues (by providing private, relaxing spaces). Tidy, well ventilated rooms will allow excess moisture to leave your home, limiting the spread of mould, which in turn reduces your exposure to allergens and respiratory infections. Tidy rooms also promote a sense of calm and relaxation as cluttered spaces are a constant reminder of chores which are yet to be completed. When you visit a furniture store, notice how clean the display areas are. Are you being sold a sofa? Or are you being sold serenity?

We appreciate that not everyone is able to keep their homes clean and tidy, so why not reach out to a family member or friend? Furthermore, if you can switch your chemical cleaning products for white vinegar based ones you will reduce your exposure to toxins (link).

Don’t keep your home closed shut all of the time. Open your windows and doors as often as you can. Keep air circulating and moving rather than stagnating. Add a plant or some herbs to your windowsill.

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